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Here at Flash Relay, we aim to transform your booking experience.

Please watch the instructional videos to learn how to use Flash Relay.
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Features explained

Include and Exclude locations

Get Book notifications on your mobile phone

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Flash Relay smart plugin finds top options for the desired load, or automatically books the best load before you can even see it on screen. Flash Relay works like a Human but Better.

Book the most noteworthy loads, increase your company’s profitability, save time.
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General FAQ

How does Flash Relay differ from other Relay bookers?

The difference between Flash Relay and other auto bookers is that it is not a cookie-cutter. It can be modified to fit your requirements precisely. You can control the refresh rate in milliseconds, exclude states from your route, auto-book within a specified time window to avoid booking too early or too late. You can set the minimum rate of payout and per mile. Most importantly, Flash Relay can be modified to mimic your human dispatcher with the "Randomize" feature.

What is the difference between Refresher and Randomize features?

Refresher works like a Flash Relayt, refreshing the page at a steady robotic pace. Randomizer is what breaks that steady pace by slowing down or accelerating calls, just as a human operator would do. (Please watch these video tutorials)

How much does Flash Relay cost?

Flash Relay PRO is a $149 per dispatcher, monthly subscription-based service.

Can I cancel the subscription?

Yes, you can cancel the subscription at any time. To cancel your FlashRelay subscription, please click here

Can I install/use Flash Relay on multiple computers and tabs?

Yes. You can install Flash Relay on as many computers as you like and run it on multiple tabs; however, the more tabs you run, the more calls you make to the server per second. We suggest that you start with a single tab and increase as you go.

Why does Flash Relay stop running while auto-refreshing?

This is a built-in security measure for your benefit. When Flash Relay detects that it has started making calls too fast and too often, it will stop. If that happens, wait a few seconds and start the plugin again.

How do I use Payout and Rate features?

You can use one or both of these features together. When you enter the minimum amount, the plugin will auto-book the same amount you entered or the highest per-mile payout available.

What is a Range feature?

The range is a window of time you are looking to get your first pick up. For example, if you indicate 24 hours in the range, Flash Relay searches loads only within the 24-hour window but ignores all loads outside the 24-hour window.

How many States can I exclude from the route?

You can exclude as many states as you like.

Do you provide any other services?

Yes, we specialize in IT support for small to medium-sized trucking companies. For consulting services, please contact us at [email protected].

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